Home Inverter / UPS series

Country of Origin:
H series, Pure Sine Wave output

Detail Specifications

Wall-mount : HM-800 / 1.2K / 1.6K / 2.4K / 3.2K / 4KVA / 8KVA
Tower type : HT-800 / 1.2K / 1.6K / 2.4K / 3.2K / 4KVA / 8KVA

Adjustable voltage-transfer points & charging voltage
Automatic restart of load after inverter shutdown
Smart AVR function (Two buck / boost modes)
Wide input range 140V~310V for 230V area; & 70V~155V for 115V area
Generator compatible & Cold-start capable
Full function of LCD display (LED optional) with Audible alarm
Smart battery management with big charger; Wet battery compatible
Intelligent double stages of charging control; Adjustable charging current by DIP for different battery
Thermal control cooling fan
With DC/AC Isolation
Support Solar panel input for charger (Optional).


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